The Hand Wash Hub is elegant in style and looks stunnning in any environment. Its design instantly provides trust, safety and peace of mind with intiutive hands free opertions. Built with a very simple reservoir that can be quickly filled and emptied, the Hand Wash Hub can be placed anywhere. Additional options that can be selected are unlimited hand washes, automatic draining and heated water.  

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Feature & Benefits

Providing Trust and Peace of Mind to Organizations of All Sizes

  • Hands-Free Operation

    Hands-Free Operation

    Touchless water dispensing mechanism. Automatic hands free soap dispenser.

  • Heated Water Option

    Heated Water Option

    Thermostatically controlled to maintain water temp at approximately 100*F-110*F.

  • Standard Features

    Standard Features

    Integral hand towel dispenser, touch free soap dispenser and waste bin.

  • Mobile and Portable

    Mobile and Portable

    Integral hand towel dispenser, touch free soap dispenser and waste bin.

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Our Hand Wash Hub is designed to be portable, contemporary and completely self contained with aluminum and powder coated finish. Ideal for office spaces, schools, hotels, valet, factories, inside or outside - just about anywhere.  We can even add your logo!


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